[ Shelf merchandising for discounters ]

Shelf merchandising that works

Appealing, well sorted, and clearly arranged – to ensure your product range is always presented in a way that is customer-friendly, take advantage of our professional shelf merchandising service. With our long-standing experience combined with the latest marketing insights, we make every metre of shelf-space a showcase.

To this end, we customize the shelves, creatively integrate banners, monitors and displays in a way that promotes sales, and position seasonal articles optimally and invitingly. Benefit from our flexible and reliable services:

[Our services don't end with assembly. If desired, we can also keep an eye on daily processes]

Your shelves in view – rack jobbing

Price labelling

Best-before check (first-in-first-out – storage according to shelf life)


Returns processing

Shelf cleaning

Checking the availability of goods and reordering

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