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Store fitting with heart and mind

Setting up shelves, reading store and insertion plans, shifting merchandise, and labelling prices – in 2002 at the age of just 23, Ricky Richter founded his company “Einzelhandelsservice 24”. By that time, he had already gained plenty of practical experience in store fitting as an employee and team leader, and with one expanding, permanent major client already in his pocket and his committed partner Sandra Sehrt at his side, he was set for success right from the start. Afterwards, it was all a question of enthusiasm, skill, diligence and discipline.

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A flexible team for store-fitting projects

Today, our core team consists of permanent store-fitting professionals as well as permanent subcontractors. For major contracts, Ricky Richter coordinates the entire project himself as general contractor. Under his management, dozens of specialists from different trades become a team of experts who together deliver top performance for store fitting and shelf merchandising. The company’s focus is on store fitting for discounters in Germany. Each day, we are active for our clients with over 50 employees throughout Germany. However, our clients can also rely on Ricky Richter and the store-fitting services of Einzelhandelsservice 24 when expanding into neighbouring European countries.

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Our know-how for your store fitting!

We are hiring!

Do you want to live like a rock star? Come to Einzelhandelsservice24, every week in a different city, on the road with a tour bus, (unforgettable) hotel rooms !! Week after week a new audience that will be thrilled by your performance! Catering in the most bizarre restaurants! The instruments such as cordless screwdrivers, drills, angle grinders and all the equipment are provided!